ACDSee Actions Pack #1

November 19, 2018


This convenient, four category actions pack contains film masks to create that film reel flavor, a variety of new effects, like desert, golden, winter, and muse, painting actions that emulate soft watercolors to abstracts, and includes quick retouches that remove noise, add pop, dodge, and much more.

Film Masks

New Effects


Quick Retouch

  • Arlo

    How do you import this ? When I try to import actions, I get asked for a .acdapk file

  • James W

    Hi Ario,

    After you download this action pack “acdsee-actions-pack-1.acdapk” from this site, you can then import it with the following steps:

    – In the Edit mode, click Tools | Browse Actions..
    – In the Action Browser window, click the import button to import. The import button is located on the bottom left of the window, an icon with a downward arrow into a box

    – Browse to the folder when that action pack is stored and start importing.

    Hope this helps.

    Note, action import and export is a new feature implemented in ACDSee Pro 2019 and ACDSee Ultimate 2019.

    James W
    ACD Customer Care

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