ACDSee Mobile Sync

March 13, 2019

Phone cameras are becoming more and more advanced with each new model that is released. ACDSee understands that with these advancements in technology, more and more photographers will have the ability to take stunning, quality photos on their phones. With this in mind, we have released ACDSee Mobile Sync. This app makes it easy for you to send photos and videos directly from your mobile device to ACDSee Photo Studio 2018 or above on your Windows PC over Wi-Fi. The ACDSee Mobile Sync app works with ACDSee Photo Studio Standard, ACDSee Photo Studio Professional, and ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate, available now at 

ACDSee Updates for Mobile Sync 2.0: 

Automatic Background Sync 


















When enabled, ACDSee Mobile Sync will periodically attempt to automatically transfer all new items to the default target in the background. 


New Item Count Badge  


The number of new items in the photo library is shown on ACDSee Mobile Sync’s application badge. 


iOS Photo Library Metadata  


Various metadata from iOS Photo Library can be sent along with items and can be imported into ACDSee Photo Studio as categories. 


ACDSee Metadata Bar  


In Item View mode, a bar has been added below the image that allows the user to set Tag, Rating, and Label metadata, which will be sent along with items and imported into ACDSee Photo Studio as ACDSee metadata.


“Edit” Action in Item View Mode  

Opens the current item in ACDSee or ACDSee Pro for editing.  


“Delete” Action in Item View Mode 

This will delete the photo from your phone, to save you from having to go in and delete the photo in multiple apps.  


Drag Range Selection   

A contiguous range of items can be quickly selected or deselected by dragging from an item on the item list.   


ACDSee Metadata Bar  


This allows for the selection of a range of items by specifying a date range. 


Many more bug fixes and performance improvements have also been made to the app. To see a full description and list of features and updates, click the links below to view updates for each program. Download Mobile Sync for Android or Apple products. ACDSee Mobile Sync for Android requires 6.0 and above. 



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  • Darla Lamb

    Can I delete photos from my iPad that have been synced with my pc, without deleting them from my pc, or affecting those already synced?

    • ACD Systems International

      Hi Darla, you can select the files in mobile sync and delete them. Deleting them on the iPad in mobile sync will not delete the files in your PC.

  • Gregory Winters

    Nice, but I have the opposite need: I need to see my ACDSee database on my mobile device. Is there any plan on creating an app for Android devices that will mirror the database from the PC? I would pay for this ability, thanks.

  • Per Lindqvist

    This function worked fine for a couple of month. Now the mobile app doesn’t connect to ACDSee anylonger. ACDSee tech support doesn’t seem to be able to solve it either.

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